<strong>238</strong> caravans and motorhomes now in stock

238 caravans and motorhomes now in stock

All our stock is <strong>70</strong> point checked and prepared before sale

All our stock is 70 point checked and prepared before sale

Explore our vehicle display in its tranquil <strong>16</strong> acre woodland site

Explore our vehicle display in its tranquil 16 acre woodland site

Secure Storage

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Store Your Caravan or Motorhome

Store your caravan or motorhome at Wandahome’s Secure CaSSOA Gold awarded storage compound.

Our large storage site houses over 850 caravans and motorhomes and you can be assured that your vehicle is safe and well looked after, thanks to our complete CCTV coverage and secure entry/exit systems. 

We are open 361 days a year, ensuring no problems if you need to get away.

We have hard standing plots available and there are various choices of plot size and accessibility, including drive on and drive off pitches which are great if you love easy manoeuvring.

As a valued storage customer, you will receive an exclusive discount on most of the goods that are sold in our Waudbys Leisure shop. Another great benefit of being a valued storage customer, is the annual discounted service option. This option includes an onsite service - so no need to move your vehicle, as we can collect it and return it to your pitch for you.  

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Storage Compound Opening/Closing Times

Summer Hours: 8.00am – 9.00pm (April 1st – August 31st)

Winter Hours Mon – Sat 8.00am – 6.00pm (Sept 1st – March 31st)

Winter Hours  Sunday  8.00am – 8.00pm (Sept 1st – March 31st)


Payment of 2019 fees will automatically confirm that you have read, agreed, and will abide by the rules and conditions listed above.

Wandahome (South Cave) Ltd) will enforce eviction if required.

These rules are for the benefit and safety of all our customers and do not affect your statutory rights. They are in place to protect your caravan/motorhome.

Wandahome (South Cave) Ltd, Brough Road, South Cave, East Yorkshire, HU15 2DB Registered in England and Wales under number 3995919. V.A.T. registration number 916-1919-17

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Secure Storage Terms and Conditions

Our storage facility is an extremely secure compound. We have a modern alarm system installed along with CCTV cameras located in key areas within the site. We have in excess of around 1000 vehicles stored and ask that you follow the storage rules which are in place for the benefit of all our customers.


Your access key is for your own use only and MUST be operated as follows:

On Entry

  1. Swipe your key
  2. Open the gate to its retainer
  3. Drive through the gate (Max. 5 mph)
  4. Close the gate firmly

On Exit

  1. Swipe your key
  2. Open the gate to its retainer
  3. Drive through the gate
  4. Close the gate firmly

Through business hours the manual gate will be open and you will need your new white key fob to operate the new automated barriers, which are operated as follows:

On Entry

  1. Point key towards barrier and press the top button
  2. Wait until the barrier is fully open
  3. Drive through (Max 5mph) leaving plenty of room between your vehicle and the barrier
  4. Press button again to close barrier

On Exit

  1. Point key towards barrier and press the bottom button
  2. Wait until the barrier is fully open
  3. Drive through, leaving plenty of room between your vehicle and the barrier
  4. Press button again to close barrier

Do Not

  • Drive away from the barrier before you have closed it
  • Let anyone else inside the storage facility
  • Follow anyone else into the storage facility
  • Drive through before the barrier has raised fully


  • Make sure you leave enough room for the barrier to close behind you, to avoid damage to your vehicle

The new barriers will be in operation through our business hours only, but will close 1 hour before business closure. When our offices are closed you will need your original key to open the manual gate.

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Basic Regulations


Leave the gate open.

Let anyone else inside the storage facility.

Follow anyone else into the storage facility

In the event of this happening you will be locked inside the compound thus setting off the alarm system. Constant misuse of our storage facility may lead to eviction.


Park your vehicle on the correct pitch.

Park as far back from the roadside as possible.

If your storage access key is lost or stolen, please report this to Wandahome immediately. We will then suspend the key and a replacement can be purchased (Identification will be required upon your visit).

If you store a caravan, when exiting the storage facility please removes all corner steady blocks. Also please ensure all gas bottles are turned off. Upon entrance/exit please ensure that you close the gate gently but firmly, do not slam the gate shut. We request that you do not allow children to open or shut the gate.

Opening & Closing hours must be strictly observed. Please be aware of them as you will be unable to neither enter nor exit the facility outside the published hours. Should you become locked within the facility then you should press the emergency button on either side of the gate.  This will send a call out to several members of staff who in turn will be happy to help you exit. We had a few occasions in 2015 where members of staff had to be contacted out of hours to re set our alarm in order to release customers from the facility. In the past we have been lenient with this but from 2016 our £50 penalty will be issued for any other cases. Please take note of the opening and closing hours listed.

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Third Parties

In order to maximise security, we do not allow third parties access to our storage facility unless permission has been granted by Wandahome (South Cave) Ltd.  Those customers, who do require a third party to access site for remedial work to be completed should provide written confirmation to Wandahome to enable us to authorise their visit.

Upon their arrival the following information will also be required:

  1. A photo ID from the third party.
  2. The vehicle registration number from the third party.
  3. A copy of the order of work to be undertaken by the third party.
  4. A copy of their Public Liability Insurance.

For security reasons we ask that the third party signs both in and out of our visitor’s book, located at reception. The plot owner must accompany the third party at all times, and they can only access the facility during Wandahome office hours.

Please note: Without written authorisation we will be unable to permit access.

Under no circumstances will you be allowed to let another individual neither in nor out of the storage facility with your storage access key.  Any customer who breaks this rule will automatically be asked to leave the site and will be given 24 hours to remove their caravan from our premises. There are no exceptions to this rule. With CCTV and anti-pass back keys in place we will be aware of this being attempted.

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Vehicle Ownership Transfer

The transfer of ownership of your vehicle may result in us requesting the vehicle to be removed from our facility, please consult Wandahome if you are considering this option. Under no circumstances should your storage access key be supplied to a new customer. 

Upon changing your vehicle, you should notify Wandahome in the first instance to enable us to update our records. We can then confirm whether your new vehicle is of a suitable dimension for your existing plot, a larger/smaller pitch may be required.  Should you purchase a vehicle from Wandahome we will endeavour to find you a suitable pitch and update your details automatically.

It is vital that you inform our office of ANY CHANGE to your details which were provided on registration. These are held on file so we are able to contact you in an urgent situation.  These details include the change of vehicle number plates or your Caravan/Motorhome.

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Please drive carefully at all times whilst inside our storage facility. Once inside the facility, please keep children and animals inside your vehicle at all times. Playing around near stored vehicles can be dangerous and we don’t permit it.  Any customer allowing their animals/children to play inside the facility will be asked to leave.

You should park your caravan hitch in line with your pitch number plate; it is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is parked on the correct pitch. If disruption is caused to others due to you parking your vehicle on the incorrect pitch, or should we have to move your vehicle a £50 fee will be incurred.  The pitch number we provide is for your personal use only and this will remain your pitch until otherwise advised. 


We request that customers maintain the condition of their pitch by keeping weeds to a minimum. Should your pitch require maintenance work or the grass to be trimmed then we will be happy to help. Please advise via email (with your details enclosed) of the dates your pitch will be vacant. We will require a minimum of 7 days as the period when we are able to complete these requests are during our office hours between Monday and Friday, we cannot fulfil your requests on weekends or bank holidays.

If you wish to fit paving slabs on your selected pitch then you are welcome to do so.  Although any damage caused in the event of us asking you to move to an alternative pitch will be your responsibility and must be rectified.  If you decide to vacate permanently then we expect your plot to be left in its original condition.  Failure to do so will result in a charge to cover rectification costs.

Throughout the year we may require you to be re-allocated to an alternative pitch, the reason for this being due to the re-organisation of the storage facility.  We appreciate your help and assistance if this situation should occur.

Annual Payments

From January 1st 2019, we will assume that any pitch which has not made full payment for the year is no longer required by the customer and we therefore reserve the right, without notice to remove your vehicle into an alternative storage site unless prior notice is received.  Should we have to cut locks or wheel clamps in order to remove your vehicle, we will do so and we will not recompense for any damage that is incurred to your vehicle.

A release fee will then be payable, prior to any access to the vehicle.  In the event of non payment of the release fee, we reserve the right to propose your vehicle for sale to trade buyers who will determine its value. The highest offer received from 3 trade buyers will be accepted and the vehicle will then be sold.

Wandahome charges for storage requirements on an annual basis. Customer’s pay for use of our CASSOA Gold vehicle storage facility for the period commencing 1st January until 31st December, this payment entitles you to use of the storage facility throughout this period, and on our behalf we will always ensure that we have availability to accommodate your vehicle during this time. Unfortunately if you choose to vacate the site earlier than previously indicated, NO REFUND will be supplied other than the deposit for the storage key; providing it is returned in good condition.




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