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Roller Team Motorhome

The 2018 Roller Team Motorhome range pairs stunning Italian style, desirable layouts and top-quality construction together which create a range of motorhomes that are truly spectacular. Not only have they created a range that are very desirable, they have created a motorhome range that is exceptional value for money. These Roller Team motorhomes are the ideal base for all your family adventures. There are a range of desired layouts available in the Roller Team motorhome range, that offers everything you will need to enjoy your travels away. Wherever you go, these spacious Roller Team motorhomes are ideal whatever the weather. With versatile layouts including island beds, flexible dinettes and the ever-popular u-shaped lounge there’s space for everyone in all Roller Team models. Whether you are a big or small family, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. If you’re looking for big, then browse the 6-berth models which feature in the Roller Team Zefiro range as well as the Auto-Roller range.

Zefiro Image

Roller Team Zefiro Motorhome

Refined and streamlined, are just two words to describe the Roller Team Zefiro motorhome. The Roller Team Zefiro range is a mix between Hi-line and Lo-line motorhomes. These Roller Team motorhomes are a true delight inside and out. The Zefiro motorhome range is packed with innovative features and practical storage. These Roller Team motorhomes include a level of specification that offers great value for money and incorporates models with up to 6 berths, the Roller Team Zefiro range has options suitable for the whole family.
View models (4)
from only £46,606
pay monthly from £629*

* Subject to terms and conditions.

Auto-Roller Image

Roller Team Auto-Roller Motorhome

As part of the Roller Team range, the Auto-Roller motorhome models are incredibly versatile. Whether you want to tour the city or experience some of the most breath-taking landscapes, these Roller Team motorhomes let you do it all. These Auto-Roller motorhomes are large, comfortable and spacious, making them the perfect place to kick back and relax in after a fun filled day. The innovative design that Is featured in these Roller Team motorhomes, not only looks fantastic but it also includes practical features that make these Roller Team motorhomes a true home-from-home. Enjoy many adventures with the Roller Team Auto-Roller motorhome range.
View models (3)
from only £50,987
pay monthly from £794*

* Subject to terms and conditions.

T-Line Image

Roller Team T-Line Motorhome

Life is all about the journey, and when you travel in a Roller Team T-Line motorhome that journey will have all the comforts of your home. Discover a new way of experiencing your leisure time without leaving anything essential behind thanks to the Roller Team T-Line motorhome range. This Roller Team motorhome range excels in everything from practicality to functionality. This T-Line range is a luxurious retreat where you can relax in sophisticated surroundings whilst still maintaining comfort and a warm atmosphere. This Roller Team Motorhome range is the perfect home-from-home. Whether you are planning a city adventure or travelling around the scenic landscapes, the Roller Team T-Line range has it all.
View models (3)
from only £49,446
pay monthly from £736*

* Subject to terms and conditions.

Pegaso Image

Roller Team Pegaso Motorhome

The stunning, spacious and stylish Roller Team Pegaso motorhome range will turn heads wherever you are. These luxury Roller Team models include an outstanding interior design, which features a modern upholstery, that creates a sumptuous atmosphere to kick back and relax in. New for 2018, the Roller Team Pegaso range now features a habitation access door on the UK passenger side of the vehicle and a driver’s cab access door, Which, in turn, makes these Roller Team motorhomes more practical and convenient. Browse the Roller Team Pegaso range today and choose your new travelling companion.
View models (1)
from only £65,260
pay monthly from £1,030*

* Subject to terms and conditions.

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