<strong>220</strong> caravans and motorhomes now in stock

220 caravans and motorhomes now in stock

All our stock is <strong>70</strong> point checked and prepared before sale

All our stock is 70 point checked and prepared before sale

Explore our vehicle display in its tranquil <strong>16</strong> acre woodland site

Explore our vehicle display in its tranquil 16 acre woodland site

Special Edition Caravans

Presenting our new and improved 2018 special edition caravans with exciting upgrades and industry innovations.

2018 Swift Ace

10 Swift Ace Models Available - Block Image

10 Swift Ace Models Available

The Ace brand of caravans was originally manufactured in Hull in 1962. Wandahome are proud to be the only retailer exclusively selling this iconic brand for 2018.

We are overjoyed to be introducing such an extensive range of Ace caravans, which are ideal for couples as well as great layouts for all families.

Ace - Iconic Brand, Modern Design

Ace - Iconic brand, modern design. Introduced in 2013 by Wandahome as a unique limited edition, the Ace caravans quickly became the largest selling special edition model the company has ever produced. The Swift Ace range has a variety of layout to suit every family’s needs; from cosy two berths to impressive six berth caravans. What’s more, with extremely competitive prices, every Swift Ace caravan is affordable at Wandahome. 

2018 Swift Corniche

7 Swift Corniche  Models Available - Block Image

7 Swift Corniche Models Available

The Swift Corniche, as we all know, is a recognised brand name synonymous with prestige cars and caravans. Exclusively to Wandahome, the 2018 Swift Corniche caravan range possesses a specification befitting of a higher end vehicle. Two and four berth models are available in a wide range of layouts to suit both couples and families who are looking for a high-quality caravan with a complete specification.

Corniche - Luxury Without Compromise

For the first time ever, Wandahome have come together with the Swift group to build the Swift Corniche. Fitted with a Truma Aventa Comfort hot and cold air conditioning unit as standard, the Swift Corniche caravan has a year-round appeal. With its luxury interior and dramatic new graphics, we believe the Swift Corniche is the perfect tourer for the European traveller.

2018 Lunar Eclipse Moon Edition

8 Lunar Eclipse Models Available - Block Image

8 Lunar Eclipse Models Available

Lunar’s largest selling range, the Quasar, has been the inspiration for the new Lunar Eclipse Moon Edition. With fantastic features fabulously showcased by the 2018 Lunar caravan models, Wandahome have taken two steps ahead of the competition.

Eclipse - Huge Specification, Competitive Price

We believe the 2018 Lunar Eclipse Moon Edition, will wow people with its huge specification. Our aim is to make sure this range of Lunar caravans is launched to the public at an unbelievably competitive price. Comprising of a range of 8 models, starting with the smallest vehicle, the 12/2 to the 22/4, the fantastic twin axle model. The Lunar Eclipse Moon Edition range is tailored to suit every need from the smallest to the largest of families.

2018 ClubMan and Delta moon edition

6 Lunar Clubman & 4 Lunar Delta Models Available - Block Image

6 Lunar Clubman & 4 Lunar Delta Models Available

For 2018, Wandahome have released the Moon Edition range of Lunar caravans. Based on Lunar’s premium brands, the Clubman and Delta, the Moon Edition range is manufactured exclusively by Lunar Caravans for Wandahome.

4 Delta Models Available

Every caravan in the Lunar Delta and Lunar Clubman range are available in the Moon Edition fabric.

When launched for 2017, these Lunar models proved to be a massive talking point across the mobile leisure industry.

For 2018, we have further enhanced these Lunar Caravans by adding more features and we are excited about presenting the Moon Edition caravan range to our customers.

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