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Undiscovered Gems Near Wandahome: Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Posted 08/01/2024
Author: Hellen Dimmock

In this edition of our blog we’re not focusing on the many motorhomes, campervans and caravans we have in stock at Wandahome. After all, you can read about them at our website or in other editions of our blog. This time, instead, we’re going to pick out a selection of great places close to us that you can travel to in your leisure vehicle. Places worthy of exploration or perfect for relaxation. The whole area used to be known as Humberside – but we’ve broken it back down into North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. Once you’ve made those trips in these areas feel free to tell us how you got on, and we’d love to hear any personal discoveries you’ve made on your own, too.

Lincolnshire: East coast including Cleethorpes and Mablethorpe 

A run across the fabulous Humber Bridge will take you to the south bank of the river, and from there you’ll find some great spots to explore.

The seaside town of Cleethorpes lies on the east coast, at the top of a beautiful unbroken stretch right down to Mablethorpe. This run of coast includes the fantastic Donna Nook reserve about half way between the two towns. Donna Nook is one of the finest spots in the north of England as nature lovers can observe the vast numbers of grey seals which head for the shoreline to give birth to their pups amongst the sand dunes. The public is fenced off from access to the animals, though it's still very easy to get up close and personal and observe these incredible creatures in their natural environment. The seals often position themselves close to the fence and from this vantage point it’s easy to take some of the most stunning wildlife photographs you’ll ever take! 

Cleethorpes, which bleeds into the neighbouring industrial port town of Grimsby, is full of all the seaside attractions you would expect - a vintage pier, fish and chips, arcades, crazy golf, rides (including a small steam train for children accompanied by adults), seaside sweets plus The Signal Box Inn, which has the distinction of being the smallest pub in the world… From the coastal edge of Cleethorpes there’s a fantastic view out into the Humber estuary, with stretches of wet rippled sand looking spectacular when the tide is out. Pop culture fans might be impressed by the fact that Rod Temperton (writer of Michael Jackson’s massive hit singles Thriller and Rock With You), actress Vivian Grey (the legendary Mrs Mangel in Aussie soap Neighbours) and actress Michele Dotrice (most famously Frank Spencer’s wife Betty in classic British sitcom Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em) were all born in the town.

Further south is Mablethorpe – another famous British coastal resort, complete with award-winning beaches. There is plenty here to keep all of the family occupied when you swing by for a visit, including a seal sanctuary, a wildlife centre, an aquapark and even a skatepark. Off-peak, Mablethorpe hosts motorbike sand racing during winter and spring. All of the usual seaside attractions are present and correct, and Mablethorpe is a great spot for young and old to relax. There’s art and culture here, too. Each September there is a beach-hut festival, with privately owned beach huts competing in outward design, and lots of poetry, music and drama events taking place throughout the town. A permanent fixture is the Tide & Time Bell, a sculpture by artist Marcus Vergette, which sits on the shoreline to the north and rings at high tide due to the sea’s movement around it.

Yorkshire: East coast including Scarborough and Whitby

Back over the Humber Bridge ‘on our side’ of the river, you’ll also find plenty of attractive coastal destinations to explore. Journeying up to either the Flamborough, Bridlington, Scarborough or Whitby will be very rewarding for anyone who loves picturesque spots along the coast - whether seaside towns or more nature-based.

Flamborough is a real haven for wildlife, with nature lovers sure to enjoy their time here. Flamborough has become a very popular spot over the years, particularly during weekends, so if you want to be relatively undisturbed during your nature watches you should probably visit midweek (though there will still be plenty of people about). It’s not the most remote or desolate spot, but it is definitely one of the most stunning - perfect for birdwatching and marine life spotting. For those who just love the scenery, the unspoiled view out to sea is beautifully framed by the impressive natural coastline features. 

Bridlington and Scarborough are well-established coastal towns which have long been popular as resorts for relaxation. Although Scarborough is the more popular of the two, and in some ways perhaps the more traditionally ‘seasidey’, Bridlington is very well known too. It has a global reputation for shellfish and is said to be the largest lobster port in all of Europe, with a massive 300 tonnes-plus landed per year. For history lovers, there is some real worth here too. Bridlington boasts a pre-roman harbour and is also home to an Augustinian Priory. You will also enjoy spending time in the Bayle and Harbour Heritage museums. Bridlington Spa is a great music and entertainment complex featuring an Art Deco ball room, Edwardian theatre, gallery for the arts plus other event spaces. This venue has hosted many concerts over the years – and not just ‘end of the pier’ type events either. It has a reputation for quality, and Morrissey, The Beautiful South and Oasis have graced its stage (the Gallagher brothers’ band played their final UK indoor show here).

Whitby is rich in history. Legendary British Navy explorer, navigator and cartographer Captain Cook, famed for his discovery of Australia, is the town’s most famous son. The Endeavour, his legendary ship, was built in Whitby - and there are ways to discover more about Cook and his ship during your visit - including statues, a museum and a cruise! Whitby was also one of the important locations in Dracula, Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel. In the story the Transylvanian count moved to the town and terrorised it with vampiric activities. There are several spots in the town which recognise this important literary heritage - and, probably, the association with Dracula is one of the reasons it also has an annual ‘goth’ festival which celebrates this horror-tinged sub-culture. 

Whitby was built in the middle ages, on the back of the whaling industry. There are spots here which recognise the heritage – including a very famous whalebone arch. This is a popular spot for those who like to take photographs, as are the ruins of the town’s stunning abbey. Since the 20th century, the abbey has been a Grade I Listed building and is in the care of English Heritage. It’s a truly breathtaking location with incredibly picturesque views out into the North Sea.

We’ve concentrated on the East coast in this edition of our blog, and talked about places in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire which are well worth some of your time for a visit in your motorhome, campervan or caravan. There are many other places close by and inland which you could visit and end up falling in love with – and we’d love to hear about them if and when you do! The whole of the north east of England has plenty to recommend it for those who like to head out exploring. Don’t forget that at Wandahome we have some amazing campervans and leisure vehicles for sale which will get you to your favourite destinations in style and comfort. Just browse our website to find the right one for you.

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