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All our stock is 70 point checked and prepared before sale

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Discover the Perfect Gifts for Motorhomers this Christmas!

Posted 27/11/2023
Author: Hellen Dimmock

Christmas is just around the corner, it seems… So, because you are someone who is looking to buy a gift for the avid motorhomer in your life, it’s time to slow down a bit and take the Christmas curve carefully! Consider your options and make sure that when they unwrap, they’ve been given exactly the right thing. There are so many useful or fun items attached to the world of motorhoming, so take a look at our handful of suggestions, here...


1.   Water bottle or drink flask               

Life in a motorhome means you’re well catered for, as your vehicle will undoubtedly have the facility to make hot drinks (in other words, there’ll be a kettle on board!). There will, though, be moments when you are not actually in or at the motorhome and you wish you had a hot or cold drink handily available. Perhaps you’re down at the beach for the day, or out on a hike. Perhaps you’re exploring some beautiful scenery or have found a quiet and private spot for a picnic. On those occasions, a water bottle or drink flask is going to come in very useful. These portable drink containers offer the utmost convenience.

There are many flasks, bottles and drink containers you can choose from, and they’re available almost everywhere – online, hardware stores, supermarkets... Our tip, if you’re buying a flask, is to ensure it has enough capacity to satisfy the number of people – in other words, if four of you are going to require a cup of coffee then ensure that the flask can cover the capacity of four cups (you may also want to take extra cups with you, as flasks tend to come with only one or two which attach to the main body of the flask). As an extra novelty touch when you’re giving a flask or a bottle as a Christmas gift, you could have the recipient’s name branded onto it.


2.   Keyring

Nobody likes to lose their keys, and you would be stunned to learn that it is quite a common hazard in modern life. You’re convinced you put the house and vehicle keys in the bowl by the front door, or on the hanger, yet just at the moment you need them, they’re not there. Of course, you’ve left them in your pocket or put them down elsewhere… Imagine how the problem is multiplied when you’re out on the road in a motorhome! Gifting a motorhome owner a keyring is a great way to make sure that they can ‘tidy up’ this part of travelling – and if the keyring is electronic and findable with the assistance of an app on a mobile phone then all the better. Hearing that beep or alarm when you are looking for your set of keys will really help you hone in.


3.   Waterproofs          

The chances are that the person you are buying for will be spending their motorhome time here in the UK – and, as we all know, weather in this country can be a little bit ‘hit and miss’ even during the summer. When you hit the road you are almost certain to encounter cold or wet conditions at some point, and so it makes great sense to carry a set of waterproofs onboard (preferably tucked out of the way in the garage, of course). These days, waterproofs are incredibly well engineered garments and really do offer a high level of protection.

Starting with the top half of the human body, a waterproof coat or cagoule (as they are sometimes known) will ensure that torso, arms and head can remain relatively well protected against the rain when a storm strikes or a downpour descends. It’s also possible to buy waterproofs for the lower half of the body – i.e. trousers of some kind. These will slide over a person’s normal everyday wear.

Waterproof footwear can also be a good gift to give to a motorhomer – wellington boots, for instance. A big tip here is to make sure and get the right show size for the recipient of your gift! It’s also possible to purchase waterproof bags or backpacks, so that any objects a motorhomer needs to take out during rainfall can also be protected. All of these essential waterproof items can be bought from outdoor activity shops, or online.


4.   Sat nav system

These days many motorhomes come with a sat nav system built in with the vehicle’s infotainment system (if there is one onboard), and so this gift could be a bit of a rubber duck unless you do your research. However, if you know for sure that the person you are giving to does not currently have sat nav in their motorhome, then a sat nav system could be something special which is really gratefully received.

Sat nav is an abbreviation of ‘satellite navigation’, and these remarkable little electronic boxes bounce a signal off the satellites miles above us to generate pinpoint awareness of your geographic position. Using this, they can then work out how to get to a destination you have programmed in, often using traffic information to work out the best or shortest route. If you are driving in places you are not familiar with, a sat nav can be the difference between arriving on time or messing about trying to undo several wrong turns!

There are so many useful or novelty gifts that you could give to the motorhomer in your life – and sometimes it takes a little bit of ‘thinking outside the box’ to land on just the right item. A pack of cards or a board game, for example, could provide hours of evening fun for a family who like to venture off and then just ‘hang out’ in their downtime. An adventure or specific interest map (i.e.. a printed map which, rather than detail towns and counties, details places of interest to visit such as historic or cultural sites) can be special, too.

Really, giving the perfect gift to a motorhomer takes a combination of you thinking about their personality and their on-the-road behaviour (in other words, work out what sort of thing might be a good fit for them), and using your own imagination to come up with something memorable or practical. In this blog we’ve provided a list of four basic essentials for motorhome life, and we hope you’ll use it as your ‘jumping off point’ to come up with some of your own. Remember, at Wandahome we’re always here to help!

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