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    New caravans

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    Used caravans

    Why not settle for a used, but equally enjoyable caravan! Sold here at Wandahome with multiple choices in stock to suit your preferences and needs. Guaranteed to find the dream caravan for you!

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    Special edition caravans

    Here at Wandahome, we have many exclusive Caravans which are guarenteed to impress the whole family. Why not take a look? you could find the dream Caravan for you wit high quality interior and materials. 

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    Special offers

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    2 berth caravans

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    4 berth caravans

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    5+ berth caravans

    Browse at our 5+ berth caravans.

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    New motorhomes

    Looking for a new, unused motorhome? Browse our new motorhome stock including Bailey, Swift, Rollerteam and Auto-Trail.

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    Used motorhomes

    Finding the perfect motorhome here at Wandahome is important to us, so why not look at what other motorhome enthusiasts have tried? With our wide selection of used motorhomes, you’re sure to be spoiled for choice!

  • Special offers
    Special offers

    Why not take a look out our range of offers and deals? You’re sure to find your dream caravan or motorhome at a discounted price!

  • 2 berth motorhomes
    2 berth motorhomes

    Browse at our 2 berth motorhomes.

  • 4 berth motorhomes
    4 berth motorhomes

    Browse at our 4 berth motorhomes.

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    5+ berth motorhomes

    Browse at our 5+ berth motorhomes.

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    Awning & accessory store

    Need awnings or accessories? Need both? Visit our awning and accessory store! We’re guaranteed to have all you’re looking for, and more!

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    Aftersales & servicing

    Our aftersales and servicing is high quality and something we strive to make quick and enjoyable for our customers. Why not look at what we offer?

  • Parts, warranty and servicing
    Parts, warranty and servicing

    Our NCC approved workshop means high quality servicing to make sure you have trouble free travelling experiences, and if you do get in a spot of bother, we will surely get the problem fixed before your next outing! 

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    Secure storage

    Need somewhere to store your caravan or motorhome? No problem! Store it at our secure storage facility.

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    Book a service

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    Book a repair

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    Finance Help Guide

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    Compare models

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    About us

    We are excited for the future of Wandahome (South Cave) Ltd and hope our customers will continue to return to us year after year and take this exciting journey with us.

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    Onsite camping

    Want somewhere quiet and beautiful to spend a holiday where you and your motorhome/caravan are taken care of? Look no further, visit our on-site campsite!

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    Customer testimonials

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    Complaints procedure

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<strong>299</strong> caravans and motorhomes now in stock

299 caravans and motorhomes now in stock

All our stock is <strong>70</strong> point checked and prepared before sale

All our stock is 70 point checked and prepared before sale

Explore our vehicle display in its tranquil <strong>14</strong> acre woodland site

Explore our vehicle display in its tranquil 14 acre woodland site

Parts, Warranty and Servicing

NCC Approved Workshop - Block Image

NCC Approved Workshop

All our work is guaranteed for 12 months

Our Aftercare Operations Manager and staff bring to the business many years of aftercare experience ensuring that the highest levels of customer satisfaction are achieved through our Aftersales Department. The company believes that with the enthusiasm and ability of its experiences and committed aftersales team, we will deliver a whole new level of aftercare support to old and new customers alike.

When you are collecting your new caravan/motorhome from Wandahome you will be introduced to our dedicated dispatch team. They will ensure you are fully conversant with the working operation of every single item on the caravan/motorhome. We take great pride in handing over our caravans and motorhomes in an efficient and professional manner.

Repairs - Block Image


All our work is guaranteed for 12 months

Your vehicle requires annual servicing to ensure it is roadworthy, fully functioning and to keep your warranty valid. We perform servicing of all caravans and motorhomes. Please book a service via our Service Reception team.

We perform all types of repair on your vehicle. Please call our Service Reception team to book your vehicle in for inspection and repair.

Insurance estimates and repairs are part of our service. We ask that you book your vehicle in for inspection via our Service Reception team, so we can provide an accurate quote for the work required. We will then work with your insurance company to provide a timely quote and, once approved, happily undertake the repairs required.

Our engineers are qualified, highly experienced and attend regular training from our major suppliers and industry partners on newer technologies.

Our Services Include - Block Image

Our Services Include

Our services here at Wandahome include:

  • Regular caravan and motorhome habitation servicing of single and twin axles
  • Warranty repair
  • Supply and fitting of Motor Movers
  • Water ingress check and repair
  • Insurance estimates and repairs
  • Body work repair
  • Suppy and fitting of other parts
Warranty - Block Image


We work with all our major suppliers to assess and submit warranty claims on your vehicle.

We will chase suppliers for approval and parts required and we will update you with progress of your claim.

Once all parts have arrived, we will book your vehicle in via our Service Reception team to enable work to be performed at a time convenient to yourself.

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