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252 caravans and motorhomes now in stock

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All our stock is 70 point checked and prepared before sale

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The new 2022 Florium motorhome ranges

The 2022 Florium motorhome ranges

Discover three exciting new Florium motorhome ranges...

With the Florium Baxter, Florium Mayflower and Florium Wincester motorhomes available at Wandahome.

New Florium Motorhomes

Florium Baxter Motorhomes  - Block Image

Florium Baxter Motorhomes

Available to order now for 2022...

Are you ready to go on your holiday but can’t decide on what motorhome to go with? The new Florium Baxter motorhome range is the compact low-profile choice that is the solution for those looking for something that’s light, comfortable and discreet without lacking style and performance. The Florium Baxter is a three-berth motorhome with four distinct models. The Florium Baxter 60LG features a rear left-hand side double bed while the 64LDF features the double on the rear right-hand side. The 65LJG comes with separate twin single beds on the rear left and right-hand side while, the new 68LMC features a rear central double bed.

The integrated Florium Baxter kitchen takes care of your culinary needs with a two-hob cooker, a 145-litre fridge with freezer compartment, a stainless-steel sink with a protective and stylish glass cover, and a worktop for food preparation. The lounge is a social and comforting grace that includes a four-person seating capacity to make gatherings and mealtimes both leisurely and fun. Start or wrap up the day with the brass-chromed shower and included cabinet for bathroom storage. Wherever you’re planning to go in 2022, the new 2022 Florium Baxter motorhome will cover your most basic living needs in comfort and convenience.

Florium Mayflower Motorhomes  - Block Image

Florium Mayflower Motorhomes

French flair and sophistication...

Are you ready to shake off the restless isolation of the last two years? The Florium Mayflower motorhome range can help you do more than stretch your legs and give you some much needed freedom. An haute couture low profile motorhome across four models accommodates a three-berth capacity in the Mayflower 70LMF, 73LJG and the 74LMF with exception to the four berth 67LO model. The 67LO features a convertible drop-down bed while the 73LJG includes twin singles beds and the 70LMF with the 74LMF both harbour central rear beds.

In the new 2022 Florium Mayflower motorhome range you can enjoy the delights of home while away with the included 145 litre fridge, two-ring hob, and stainless-steel sink. That goes a little further with the ability to seat five guests around the central table with an included extension with exception to the 67LO that can seat six. A perfect opportunity to catch up with all the people you’ve missed over the last two years. At the day’s end, you can have a relaxing washdown in the brass-chromed shower before retiring for the night. Shake off the dreary past and enjoy 2022 in comfort and luxury with a Florium Mayflower motorhome.

Florium Wincester Motorhomes  - Block Image

Florium Wincester Motorhomes

Meet Florium's best selling A-class...

Florium goes A-class with the palatial four-berth Florium Wincester motorhome, where nothing has been overlooked or sacrificed when it comes to the 2022 edition, merging performance and durability with apex homely comfort. The interior soft furnishings come in the ‘Sablack Emocuir’ colour scheme, though – and this is the best thing – the Florium Wincester has 14 unique customisation options to choose from, so you don’t have to stick with the stock option. With the capabilities to seat six to seven people and an extravagant, fully functional kitchen, there’s no reason why the Florium Wincester can’t be home for Christmas or a summer BBQ.

The new Florium Wincester motorhome range provides a solid night’s sleep for two people with a forward drop-down bed and then again with the elegant master bedroom to the rear. Each bed comes with a ‘Bultex’ high-density mattress that supports both body weight and shape. Space isn’t the only thing the Florium Wincester motorhome range boasts with its 2022 return. With changing technology comes upgrades and the Florium Wincester features a wide angle rear-view camera to drive and keep safe, but it also comes with compatible Bluetooth and dedicated USB ports. The 2022 Florium Wincester is royalty amongst motorhomes with its size and capabilities and great value for what it offers.

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